Frequently asked questions

How does the weather affect your product?
Both the XLP and LP seals are made of Polycarbonate plastic with UV additive. Polycarbonate is ideal for outdoor use as can be seen by its use on meter covers in the industry today.

What is your wire made of?
Both the XLP and the LP wires are made from a high grade Stainless steel type 304. This ensures that the wire will not corrode in coastal areas and in areas where chemicals are present.

What makes your product better than the competition?
For security tests, all products manufactured by NIC PRODUCTS INC. are tested by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico. In addition our seals were designed with the customer in mind. The seal was designed to facilitate work in the field. The seal has an ergonomic design that makes the seal very easy to use.

Why should I change?
The main reasons for change are:
• Security
• Cost
• Ease of use
• Versatility
• Quality

What Companies do you currently do business with?
Some of the current companies that we do business with today are:
• Meralco (Philippines)
• CFE (Mexico)
• Pacific Gas and Electric (USA)
• Pacific Corp (USA)
• An Post (Ireland)

Can the wire that is attached to the seal come in longer length?
Yes, In order to use the seal with a longer length wire, NIC supplies the customer with rolls of wire that may be cut to the desired length.

Can the seal have my Company Logo on it?
Yes, NIC can place your company logo on the seal. In order to do this NIC would need a JPG, BITMAP, or TIFF file in order to have the logo made.

Up to how many numbers can the seal have?
The seal can have up to 7 digits.

How do I install the seal?
Please refer to this installation and inspection guide.

How do I know if the seal has been tampered with?
Please refer to this installation and inspection guide.

How do I train my employees on how to use the seal?
Please refer to the installation instructions.

How am I sure that someone not related to my company wont buy my seals from you?
NIC’s policy is that all seals manufactured leave the plant with the end users logo or initials on the seal. All international orders are checked with the end customer and verified with a purchase order.

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